Atlantic Crossing, Inc.

Profitability while jumping the chasm

- how a successful company was built upon the ruins from the dot-com bubble.

In early 2002 this Web CMS vendor was founded based upon a few precious jewels: a web content management system with technology leadership, and a stellar development team that understood the product and each other.

When Erik Seifert of Atlantic Crossing was hired as VP of Marketing, Sales, and Product Management, the immediate job at hand was to secure the customer base and the partner channel that brought in quite significant recurring revenues. And to convince the market that the company was viable.

That done, Erik Seifert was named President to prepare the company for internationalization. Which required a complete restructuring of the company's product. Thus, the existing product was split up in a mixed ASP/traditional-license scheme: One SaaS-product for the small-business market and a mixed SaaS/licensed product for mid-sized and larger businesses.

The results were remarkable. Just 9 months after implementation, the annual growth of licenses stood at more than 51%, license revenues were up 40%, and total revenues, including recurring income, was up 20%. And profits had improved by a remarkable 27% of total revenues - putting the company solidly in the black and poised for future expansion.

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Erik Seifert to speak at Software-as-a-Service meeting

Softletter's Marketing and Selling SaaS Seminar takes place in Atlanta, Georgia on January 30-31, 2010.

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