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Bringing in Concorde for a soft landing

- how IBM EMEA and IBM US worked together to bring top Danish ERP products Concorde and Axapta safely ashore!

Although the name Axapta may sound familiar to you the product is now known as Microsoft Dynamics/AX.

Back in early 1996 IBM had marketed Axapta's predecessor Concorde for 2 years in Europe alone. The new product Axapta was due only 12 months out. More than even a complete rewrite, this new product was based on the latest tools and methods and would eventually define IBM and ERP vendor Damgaard's joint venture.

Leaning on ten years' experience in software marketing, Atlantic Crossing on behalf of IBM created the marketing plan for the joint venture's entry into the US market. With the marketing plan approved, Atlantic Crossing's next task was complete product marketing services for Axapta.

At the same time Atlantic Crossing established IBM and Damgaard's marketing support company in the US from scratch. And Atlantic Crossing managed the process that created the name Axapta.

Finally, Atlantic Crossing supervised the design and implementation of the naming scheme that secured due attention to the many outstanding features and breakthroughs in Axapta.

IBM and Damgaard announced Axapta in the spring of 1998. IBM later sold its 50% Damgaard ownership. Damgaard was acquired by Navision in 2000, and the joint company was then acquired by Microsoft in 2002.

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