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It's good to believe in Jonathan

- but combining a solid product with solid marketing and sales skills will make the author's life much easier!

The stories of Navision and Axapta/Concorde may sound as if they were written by Hans Christian Andersen, the famous author of numerous fairy tales. But when you look more closely, success was instead created by paying close attention to product management and product marketing.

The developer of Axapta/Concorde was a market leader in tiny Denmark. Undaunted, the company reached US shores on the wings of IBM and was eventually acquired in a deal valued at more than $250 million.

Its acquirer Navision went from being a distant no. 2 ERP vendor in one of the world's smallest markets to taking over the former front runner. After which the combined company was acquired by Microsoft for $1.3 billion.


Both of these examples profited from the dot-com bubble. The third example was a dot-com venture – reconstructed after bankruptcy and led through a struggle over communicating product benefits to customers and partners alike. But this company can now see the rainbow...

Fairy tales may speak of rainbows and finding pots of gold, but dedicated work may also do the trick. If you have the right software built on solid skills, we can help you add equally solid product mangement, product marketing and sales skills. It may bring your company across boundaries that no one thought possible.

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