Atlantic Crossing, Inc.

Want to run your own SaaS company?

For a client, Atlantic Crossing is searching for companies or invididuals interested in launching SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) operations in various Small and Mid-sized Business markets in the US.


The product is successfully proven by hundreds of customers in a rapidly growing segment of the SaaS market. The software itself, with continual upgrades and technical support, plus branding, marketing support and commercial concepts are all provided by the client. The SaaS company will add value through hosting, technical services and support.


The possibilities in bullets:

  • A recurring revenue stream from a growing market
  • Margins as if you had developed the software yourself
  • Ownership in a growing, global brand

The candidate requirements in bullets:

  • Successful track record in B2B software & hosting, preferably both in marketing and sales via channel partners
  • Understanding of the web transformation of B2B market 
  • Technical as well as commercial expertise to manage the total customer experience

If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please, write Erik Seifert of Atlantic Crossing today at

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Erik Seifert to speak at Software-as-a-Service meeting

Softletter's Marketing and Selling SaaS Seminar takes place in Atlanta, Georgia on January 30-31, 2010.

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