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Are your products moving fast enough?


- or do you feel that your sales figures don't do your efforts justice?

We can help you capitalize on your investments in software development. If your software will sell, but it requires the presence of your chief developer to close many sales, then you may benefit hugely from our services.


Here we can link to PDFs.

Solving the sales challenge may require some adjustments. Not of your software, but of the ways that software brings in revenue. And particularly two things that work together to bring in revenue:

  • your revenue architecture (product structure and pricing), and
  • your product marketing (how the product is communicated)

Having a successful, working revenue architecture with readily understandable product marketing is a prerequisite for expanding beyond your home market. Which is one way we can help you go from product to profits.



Erik Seifert to speak at Software-as-a-Service meeting

Softletter's Marketing and Selling SaaS Seminar takes place in Atlanta, Georgia on January 30-31, 2010.

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